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Are Neanderthals mentioned in the Bible by another name? Some people think that because Neanderthals are not mentioned in the Bible this evidence of a hoax.

Yet these same people claim that the likelihood of the possibility that the genome record may indicate that the Neanderthal pictured below could have existed is real evidence.

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Neanderthals died out because they were too clever for their own good, research suggests.

What does the Bible really say about Neanderthals?

People love to poke fun at the Bible because they read books written by people who have lived no more than 122 years and 122 days, two hours, twenty-two minutes and twenty-two seconds.
In these books or articles that people read, there could be any amount of falsehood. Yet without any conclusive proof, people regurgitate what they have read, pretending to be authorities themselves. Are such people omniscient know-it-alls, or just fools?
How do you know the Neanderthal Stalin and his brother Hitler did or did not have children?
Whatever your answer, it will either be a mere guess. Or you may have read a book and believe the claim to be authoritative; because it has been peer reviewed by people seeking the same kind of funding as the expert author of the book had (only you do not believe money influences unethical and immoral behavior).
To be honest, I am not sure whether there ever was an immoral Neanderthal named Stalin who had an immoral brother named Hitler (I have never met either); but because there appears to have been a claim made for mass extinction, I guess there had to have been.... Just a guess.... But if I said it was a fact based on bone fragments, it would not be a guess.... Is that how this game works?
Someone is indoctrinated into some scientific theory and then because others are mesmerized by the person's claims and integrity (PhD, PhD, Nobel, Pulitzer and pull the other one), people think the person now possesses omniscience and is absolutely truthful.

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(Let us meditate those truths. Now after me. O.. O.. ba... O... ba... Om... arm.. a ..O.. O...bbbb.. Practice later.... I am told it is very rewarding  nobly so... And brings the prize of peace. No bells.... Just fireworks.... Secular religion at its best. . The evolution of .... apes.... Neanderthals.... into the religion of peace.... Or death to infidels.)

People claiming to be scholars are absolutely reliable and always tell the truth.
How do I know? I saw it on TV or did my preschool teacher tell me? (Memory issues here.) Maybe I read it on the internet? Anyhow, they all agree because they have facts. (Is the letter "u" in "faux" silent and the word "faux" pronounced "facts"?)
Forget that and let's talk tin-tacks (ouch!). A few bones are produced, then a drawing, and some more imagination develops a theory. Once written down, the concept of Neanderthal Man is declared as proof among the many (expert declared) indisputable facts proving the evolution of man from an "iota" or is it a "quark" or maybe it is a "quack" (Donald knows. He can trump anything!). Except, it cannot be proven in the now. Or can it? 
Science has to have proof in the now, otherwise it is faux  (sorry, you mean fake!) science. How do I know? I was told by my Father... Do I mean Heavenly Father? (mmm...mmm...mmm...?)  Let us see what we can do.

When it comes to the Bible, it is obviously a fable. Why?  The Bible has words to the effect that ignorant people scoff, saying things like: the Creator does not exist. But then we often hear people say the Bible is a myth or the Bible is not real.  If  you were to believe them, they would have to be correct, because they are always right. Well, that is what they like to proclaim.
Nevertheless, the Bible exists. You can read it.... Yes, I know, it is only a book.... What can I say?.... We will just have to overlook this fact for now. Who would believe what is written in a book?.... Only fools.... I know.
Back to the Neanderthal man and what the Bible has to say. Unfortunately, the Bible does not mention Neanderthal man..... Naturally, the wise of this world say that this proves that the Bible has to be nonsense. (Those who possesses no hope and no power over death tell me the Bible is nonsense all the time.)  But let's use our God-given intelligence a little.
Could the Bible talk about Neanderthal man but use different nomenclature?
If we were to ask when was Neanderthal man invented, the question would probably be considered a non sequitur; because even fools know they existed more than 40,000 years ago. Did they? How do you know? You read it in a book? Heard it on TV? Your teacher told you? You had a wish? But you were not there....Oh!!!... You wish you were there so that you could testify to the truth.... Who would have thought of such a thing as people testifying to the truth?
(Tip: When you testify to the truth, expect fools to claim as nonsense that what you testify to being true.... Does it matter?... Not to you.... You are testifying to the truth..... Because you know and they don't.... They are the losers.... Nevertheless, testify just in case a fool has an epiphany and sees the reality of  truth.... Truth does not change.... Besides, you never know a fool may decide to cease being just another opinionated fool and actually do some legitimate scientific investigation into the truth of the matter.)

Let us be honest here and do some scientific inquiry into Neanderthals and see whether they exist today.
The Bible claims that the Ten Commandments were the only words ever written by God Himself. There is no other literature that makes this claim. Therefore, if the Creator, as described in the Bible is a myth and humans have evolved beyond the intelligence of Neanderthals, we should be able to demonstrate that humans have evolved into superior moral beings.
If we cannot demonstrate that people have superior morality, this could suggest that Neanderthals exist today and there is actually a Creator who wrote the Ten Commandments, as recorded in the Bible: to demonstrate the deficiency that exists in the intelligence of humans; especially, those who think they know better than the One Who Is Omniscient.
A simple test would be to memorize the Ten Commandments and then pose the following question to people:
  • The only words written in the Bible that are directly ascribed to have been written by Lord God Almighty Creator of Heaven and Earth (i.e. the Universe and all that is in it--except evil) are the Ten Commandments. Do you know what they are?
To help facilitate your experiment it might pay to go to the following link:
Or if you want a deeper understanding of what the Ten Commandments mean for people today, read the complete book entitled The Only Words Written By The Finger Of God at the link below

Now this is science in action; that is, if you meticulously document your results. However, you may simply want a heuristic idea as a prelude to developing your hypothesis regarding the evidence for Neanderthals existing today because of evident moral deficiency, rather than evidence for moral excellence within humans increasing.
Now if you were to find that there are Neanderthals alive today you would have to conclude that Neanderthals have not been wiped out; consequently, the theory of evolution does not hold.  But don't be lazy: do your own research. I have already done mine.
If you do your own research, you will be surprised how ignorant people are in this age of enlightenment and how many who claim they are wise are nothing but fools. Can we call Christians who claim to be morally aware but only can recall one or two commandments "moral Neanderthals"?  Of course, you would not be so limited in your understanding of morality would you?
However, I am being unfair on Neanderthals, they are now considered to be as intelligent as the hominids (sorry, the modern humans) with whom they integrated. The new scientific evidence (sorry, computer modelling) has it all worked out. Nothing like truth. It never changes. Is murder acceptable now? How about stealing? What else was in those Ten Commandments? Justice?

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