Saturday, May 21, 2016

BERNIE SANDERS SHOWS SOCIALISM'S TRUE COLORS. There Are Two Types Of Citizens In Socialism. Socialists have a two tiered system where those who rule revel in the good life as if they were royality.

Bernie Sanders (or his double) has been seen driving in a $170,000 Audi R8, something that only evil capitalists would drive, showing everybody what a socialist really does when he is in power. The big question is where did Bernie Sanders get the money to buy his $170,000 Audi R8 if this is hisdonor contributions?

There are other possibilities, of course. He could be driving it because one of his evil capitalist friends lent it to him.  Maybe somebody had an emergency and Bernie Sanders is helping them out as he would any unemployed poor person living in poverty. But then, maybe Bernie Sanders is only taking the $170,000 Audi R8 for a test drive to see whether he should purchase it or not.

In the days of USSR (United Soviet Socialist Republics or was it really the United Socialist States of Russian Rulers), the Imperialists (for that is what they were), who ruled, drove around in limousines, ate the best food, enjoyed the luxuries of a good life with wonderful holidays at exclusive resorts,while the proletariat lined up in long queues to receive their rations from supermarkets with empty shelves. Meanwhile the those in the free market, capitalist West prospered and people had homes, food and cars and much more.

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