Sunday, May 22, 2016

OBAMA OVERRUNNING UNITED STATES WITH REFUGEES AND ILLEGALS. The Aim Is To Create Racial Tensions And Create An Environment For Civil Disobedience And Civil War. Once this occurs Americans can be crushed and Marshal Law introduced.

The plan is so obvious that it is mind-blowing American citizens are accepting Obamarama without realizing that they are being treated as stooges.

Immigrants are being housed in counties where there will be easy access to political control and not communities where the immigrants would be a minority.

The plan is threefold. One is political power. Another is about Marshal Law and the stripping away of people's freedoms because of Jihadists being active. A third is to create racial division and tensions.

Create communities of immigrants who will possess sufficient clout to begin to gain political power. Muslims are doing this already. Obama is helping it along.

Jihadists will be able to live in these communities where they can be protected and even trained without prying eyes.  People will be more willing to submit to law enforcement because of Jihadi attacks and forgo freedoms for more security checks. The false war on terror is already proving that people are losing their freedoms, while the terrorists seem to be gaining more freedoms.

Racial division and tensions will bring about civil disobedience and the conditions for people to accept Marshall Law, even if there are those who see through the game plan and are willing to stand up for their rights. Civil disobedience will enable Marshal Law to be introduced as people respond to Jihadi attacks, but racial tensions will also erupt.

Obama is now acknowledging he is a Muslim, yet before he was elected he claimed he was a Christian. Obama is also accused of being a homosexual and calls his now questionable female wife "Michael" instead of Michelle, which has raised questions. Particularly so when Joan Rivers claimed that everybody knows Michelle Obama is a trannie.

Now we see America under gender attack and transgenders are to be permitted to go into girls bathrooms and expose their male genitals.

Things are degrading so much now that Salon published Todd Nickerson'd article justifying pedophilia and extolling his virtue.

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