Wednesday, December 23, 2015

INFORMATION IS A DOUBLE-EDGED SWORD. This is because information can be true or it can be misleading and therefore false. Here is an example of a supposedly learned women explaining the truth about information and of another woman discovering the truth about hearing true information.

Sophie confesses to the reality that everybody understands. Depending upon what sort of information you are listening to, whether false or true, will your belief system be framed. Your belief system can be full of phoney ideas that, like the clouds in a blue sky, look solid but if you to rely upon them for a safety net, you would find that they are not as solid as they appear. Likewise, the blue sky is not really what exists in the sky above, as the night sky reveals. But listen to what Sophie says:

It all depends on what sort of information your hearing on the ABC of Terror.

If you want to know the truth, obviously the climate that needs to change is the one where you are not hearing propaganda that is of no real value to you. This is the climate full of deceptive information designed to fill the pockets of the elite, who not only fill the echelons of power but also control the economies of the world.

The video below tells of an amazing story of an Islamic man whose wife was healed of MS because of the information she heard over a two year period.

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