Tuesday, January 12, 2016

ATHEISTS ARE SO DECEIVED BY THEIR OWN EGO THEY THINK THEY ARE OMNISCIENT. Of Course No Atheists Will Admit That This Is What They Think; Only We Know It Is. If an atheist were honest, the existence of a Creator would not be an issue for a free thinking individual. The problem that plagues our world has to do with the ideologies that originate with humans and not the reality that the Creator of the Universe exists.

Atheists are merely ideologues who want to ram down their own version of belief into every child they can. From a psychological perspective such people do this because they are dissatisfied. And they have much to be dissatisfied about because their life is meaningless; nothing but a futile existence with no hope for eternity.
Here is a short critique of the atheist Grayling's views byThe Maverick Philosoper .
That religious instruction constitutes child abuse is another theme of contemporary militant atheists such as Richard Dawkins and A. C. Grayling. Consider the competing 'truths' taught by different faith-based schools, e.g. that Jesus is the Son of God, that he is not, etc. Grayling complains thatt
. . . in schools all over the country these antipathetic 'truths' are being force-fed to different groups of pupils, none of whom is in a position to assess their credibility or worth. This is a serious form of child abuse.It sows the seeds of apartheids capable of resulting, in their logical conclusion, in murder and war, as history sickeningly and ceaselessly proves. There is no greater social evil than religion. It is the cancer in the body of humanity. Human credulity and superstition, and the need for comforting fables, will never be extirpated, so religion will always exist, at least among the uneducated. The only way to manage the dangers it presents is to confine it entirely to the private sphere, and for the public domain to be blind to it in all but one respect: that by law no one's private beliefs should be allowed to cause a nuisance or any injury to anyone else. For whenever and wherever religion manifests itself in the public arena as an organised phenomenon, it is the most Satanic of all things. (A. C. Grayling, Life, Sex, and Ideas: The Good Life Without God, Oxford 2003, 34-35, emphasis added.)

Our dear atheists are certainly becoming militant these days, aren't they? What an intemperate and extreme statement by one who claims to be a philosopher!  Is he serious?  Is he just trying to sell books?

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