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THE TEN COMMANDMENTS ARE NO LONGER RELEVANT BECAUSE PSYCHOLOGISTS AND PSYCHOLOGISTS CLAIM THEY HAVE BETTER IDEAS. Yet Since These Ideas Have Been Adopted, Western Societies Have Deteriorated In Their Behavior. So we ask: Why are the Ten Commandments relevant today?

Harry RichesHappy Riches, answers

Why are the Ten Commandments relevant today?

The Ten Commandments were once taught in schools everywhere in Western Countries but these days they are considered irrelevant, no longer fashionable, antiquated, and even superseded—but, by what? As we will discover, without the Ten Commandments, there is no hope for anyone. These are the only words God ever wrote with His Own Finger. Yet instead of being unlawful, violation of the Ten Commandments seems to be lawful depending upon what the judge decrees.
Because the Finger of God wrote the Ten Commandments, atheists consider the Ten Commandments to be a nonsense. Not only this, absolute rules for governing moral behavior is considered by too many judges as unnecessary because they are now the ones who interpret the Law and have the authority to adjudicate whether government legislation is acceptable or not.
Is it lawful to steal from people?
In many instances this is what is done when people have their property and land taken from them by government authorities. The authorities simply decide that the property and land is to no longer belong to the person(s) who own it.
Is it lawful to murder?
This is a serious crime. But only if you get caught, and then only if you cannot get off on a technicality of law. You can murder people, providing you have the ability and the money and the connections to ensure that a technicality of the law enables you to get off the hook. Once tried and then found not guilty, the principle of Double Jeopardy means that you are not to be tried a second time for that murder, even if the evidence is overwhelming that you are the guilty one.
Is it lawful to commit adultery?
Yes. Do whatever you like. The idea that a man and a woman are to
develop love that transcends sexual relations and have the blessing of God is considered to be merely a myth. Women are there for procreation or sex. Sexual perversion is natural. Anal sex is natural. Lesbianism is only about love, even though two women are unable to fulfill their natural God-given rights of becoming pregnant and enjoying the blessings of God as they share in a child that is a natural expression of their love for each other.
Is it lawful to bear false witness against your neighbor?
Ex-United States President Bill Clinton has done this so many times against the women that he has seduced or intimated for his sexual gratification with the support of his wife, Hillary. In many respects ,it appears that nobody really cares—and the Clintons are merely two of many. However, if a corrupt judge wants to fit you up on a charge of false witness in court, this can be arranged.
Is it lawful to dishonor your parents?
No. You can take your parents to court and have them jailed. Just tell the local feminists at the organization responsible for government social services that your parents have been abusing you and they insist on you learning about the Bible while you are in their care. The atheistic feminists will see to it that your parents are in court on trumped up charges.
The above is five of the commandments that concern human relationships. The evidence is the courts of law have no regard for these, while atheists and the immoral think that those commandments are unnecessary.
Four of the other five commandments, yet to be mentioned, atheists consider something that only an egomaniac would institute as binding. These are the first four commandments of the Decalogue that particularly have to do with God, although the fifth commandment of the Decalogue does as well, only we have looked at that from a human to human perspective in respect to parents and children.
The last commandment is personal and this putatively concerns nobody else, for this is merely a matter of the heart. At least this is what people like to believe. The last commandment is about the switch of direction. It is like the train track that is switched from going north or south by the flick of the switch or the push of a button. In most cases, once a person’s switch is flicked, then that person’s buttons get pushed. To covet what somebody else has is what turns people off from what God has for them and turns people towards acting on what is disastrous for them.
In the world of Hollywood, covetousness is what makes the money. People covet what they cannot have and are prepared to spend dollars to ogle at those who have the glamour, the prestige, the opulence, and the lifestyle that they desire. Others covet the lurid perversion of having the power over people so they can do whatever they like to them, and whenever they like.

Egoists long for success in their fields, so they can pontificate and see people clamor for their opinions. One thing is for sure, not too many people covet the suffering and death that people have to endure.
Who would covet sodomizing an innocent child if they had not thought about doing this beforehand before the desire became an urge and then an obsession?  Why would anyone want to destroy the innocence of the innocent? You know the answer to this. But I will give one also.
Psychologically, only people who are dissatisfied with themselves venture to destroy the lives of other people. If a person is dissatisfied with his or her life, that person will desire to harm those who are satisfied. Innocent children living in social environments where they are not subject to the violations associated with the breaking of any of the commandments concerning murder, adultery, stealing, bearing false witness, and dishonoring parents are not dissatisfied. Especially
so, if they are shown the joy of learning what it means to be creative and what it means to be approved of as individuals who are loved by their parents and the Lord God. However, when these any of the Ten Commandments are violated then this is where social disintegration begins.
Social disintegration begins when any of the first four commandments are violated. Politicians root, shoot, loot and execute whomever they like, whenever they can get away with it. As long as they have powerful friends backing them, as far as they are concerned, everything is above board. The same goes for their manipulative powerful friends. They say, "Who is God?"
Atheists think that the Creator God is an egomaniac because He cares for people and wants them to enjoy the blessings of an interesting, creative and productive existence. What does the atheist have to offer? Does the atheist have the answers to life and know how to overcome death?  Can an atheist offer anyone Eternal Life? With no hope, no significance and no meaning for existence, what does the atheist have? What exactly?
Known in some circles as the brain, atheist Stephen Hawking said that people who believe in God are afraid of the dark. Mathematician and philosopher John Lennox  often called "the fool" by atheists, replied that atheists do not believe in God because they are afraid of the light. In fact, they hate the light.
We can understand why atheists are afraid of God. This is because they point to God and say that He is an egomaniac, when in reality this is their own condition. Psychologists call this pointing of the finger, projection. Atheists project because they are full to the brim when it comes to opinions, but empty when it comes solutions—the atheist’s dilemma when it comes to overcoming death. Emptiness is a very scary situation. Consequently, people who are full of themselves do not want to acknowledge that when death approaches the gauge says empty. They prefer the lie.—How they must ache inside.
When we look to the Lord God and begin to acknowledge the relevance of the first four commandments of the Decalogue for today, we begin to realize that the Creator of Life does not want us to become slaves to our passions and desires so that we live meaningless lives that only know suffering and death. But if we shun these, like the fool who thinks he does not have to learn from those who are more knowledgeable than himself, we go on to suffer because of our ignorance.
Looking around at how society is disintegrating today, we can see that there are many ignorant people who are nothing but arrogant fools who thumb their nose at the Designer of life and think coprophilia is natural. This is because they are really getting to the bottom of the barrel and that this is all there is to think about. This is what happens when people are bereft of any decency or any integrity. It is all about them: their opinion; their claims; their pain. Today people get offended because of their personal insecurity, yet they do not want to acknowledge that this alone testifies of their need to know the love of God. Only they refuse to come clean and acknowledge the truth. Humiliation they fear. They want to believe the lie that they are greater than the Creator.
The Bible teaches that if God is your helper, men can do nothing to you. The first four of the Ten Commandments teach that for those who are humble enough to recognize and acknowledge the Source of Life, satisfaction to be found. You need have no fear about men if God is on your side. For, besides the Lord God Creator of the Universe, there is no other. We merely live in a finite Universe that the King of Kings and Lord of Lords created.
If our parents are hurt over our dishonoring them, and our own children hurt us by dishonoring us, we might think that the Creator would be hurt if we dishonor Him. However, the Ten Commandments teach that God loves us and in His hurt, He forgives us, but if we reject Him then that decision we own and we will pay the consequences. Just like telling a judge in court what to do, really, when he is the one who has the power. The judge will hold us accountable. In which case, the Ten Commandments are relevant for us all today.

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