Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Rockefeller, Rothschild, Prince Phillip, Bill Gates are all familiar names. In fact, no one really cares what they are up to at all. But then there are those who really like to know what they are up to and what they would like to do. Not so much what they could do for you, but rather what they might like to do to you. Especially when some people we know are said to appear in the most unlikely of places. These are people who, if we knew who they were, we might not sleep so well at nights.

Is anyone here a friend of yours? Did you go to the same school? Stanley Kubrick did not go to the same school as the inbreds he filmed in Eyes Wide Open. But then, according to the Torah, we all descend from Noah. So we could all be inbreds....but then....?

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If you cannot see the cartoons, or the photos below, this means that somebody does not want you to see them. And you know what that means.

Lord Jacob Rothschild meant, “They oversaw the economic collapse”.
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Some short clips that reveal some interesting facts that most people do not care about, yet when the day comes that they have to care, you know they will care. but it will be too late.

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The Good News is population growth issues are being addressed

What Does It Mean To Get Hot Under The Collar? 

Watch Prince Phillip get a little hot under the collar when population explosion is mentioned. Too many people create too much demand for food. Food shortages are not the reason for rises in the price of food. 

Less than 2 Billion people is not quite as bad as the 500 million written on the Georgia Guide Stones. Prince Phillip is so generous that he is willing to let 1.5 billion live.

Bill Gates has a population solution.

"If we do a really great job on new vaccines we could lower population growth."
Vaccines will save lives and population growth will be reduced. When lives are saved the good news is the population growth goes down. You know that makes sense, because Bill Gates said it.

How do you prevent population growth? Vaccination. Is vaccination the same as killing people? No. Killing people would mean that the population would be reduced. But if you vaccinate people this will save lives? People are given vaccination to save lives. So we can expect population growth if lives are being saved. No. The good news is with the vaccinations that we will promote, people lives will be saved and population growth will come down.

The math is simple.  Take 2 people who have 2 children and vaccinate them all Instead of having 4 people, we will have 0 people. See how the lives are saved. They do not have to worry anymore.

Just to help you understand how the math works here is the criteria and the equation

P = people
S = services per person
E = energy per service
C = CO2 per energy unit

CO2 = P+S+E+C 

This is what the equation means:

If we do a really great of those the P, or S, or E, or C will have to come down close to 0. Which would be the most effective way to eliminate the CO2 problem.

The benefits of vaccines is a reduction of sickness and population growth. This is because when people die, they no longer get sick. Vaccines are effective means of assisting the reduction of CO2 because they can control population growth.

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