Saturday, February 27, 2016

Stephen Hawkins says that the reason people believe in God is they are afraid of the dark. A wise philosopher responded, The reason atheists do not want to accept the truth of God's existence is they are afraid of the Light.

John Lennox demolishes the ignorance of atheism. It is a worldview that has no hope, has no reason and becomes irrational. The atheist's view of the world is that it came about by a mindless operation of the principle of chance. But would you trust anyone who functions from a mindless operation of the principle of chance.

So you don't like the idea of God looking at you all the time. Would you prefer someone who loves you to watch you all the time because they care about and delight in what you do? If not, maybe you would prefer someone who hates you to be watching over you.

The reason this world is in a mess is because someone who hates you merely wants to destroy you. The only reason you are not destroyed right now is because there is someone who loves you preventing this so that you might come to know Him. Otherwise you would only know torment and pain.

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