Friday, May 1, 2015

Jesus Said There Are Two Gods: You Will Either Love One Or Hate The Other

Is this just another conspiracy theory? Or is a loosely compiled overview of how the  lieutenants are permitted to connive their own fortunes? The thesis of this documentary is the lieutenants are doing the bidding of the generals who finance them in the background.

The Bush Dynasty Legacy

An advertisment reads: Young, ambitious, immoral, malleable person to become a politician...Richard Nixon applies and gets his break.

Evidence of tampering of Zapruda film of JFK murder. Very convincing.

Many claim the evidence appears that this is a film designed to give the impression that the world is influenced by (and conflicts in particular hinge on) the CIA being in cohorts with the Mafia, with a few references to Rothschild and Royals.

References are made to the ruling elite using religion and terrorism as a means to distract the multitude to the main game. Those at the top of the ruling class enjoy their freedoms and only those who play the game their way are admitted into the changing rooms. 


Conolly is saying that the ruling elite are using the ruse of terrorism to make profits through arms manufacture and illegal drugs. By so doing, they possess the means to retain wealth and power and control the population. Nothing has changed since the days of Julius Caesar. 

One matter that is overlooked is that unless there is a population of people to purchase the goods grown or manufactured, there are no profits to be made. What this means is that while a ruling elite might like to govern the world and do what they like, unless there are sufficient people consuming product, who are earning an income, no profits can be made. 

Jesus said that there is the god of mammon and the God of the Universe. Covetousness is another name for the god of this world. As a being is, so is he, the god "Covetousness" is usually known as Satan, Lucifer, the Devil, the Ancient Serpent.

An afterthought:
The question that needs asking is What is the ideal number of people for the Earth's population. Some say 500 million.  The devil is always in the details, the fine print, and what is left unsaid. What do you think? 

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